The ADF Church Alliance is your legal resource and advocate in matters of religious liberty.
Your church can access our team of lawyers when legal counsel is helpful or even necessary.
Church boards can gain practical aid and a wide array of resources to protect your church in today's culture.
As laws inevitably change, we help you navigate them.

membership benefits

Your membership includes a review of your church's governing documents: bylaws, constitution, employment materials, policies, and more.

Focus Areas of Church Law


Religious Liberty Audit

You can receive a religious liberty review of your church’s governing documents, including your statement of faith, facility use policy, church membership policy, employment documents, and more.

Access to AttorneyS

You can access our attorneys whenever you have questions. Our attorneys help you navigate legal issues that may impact your church.

Attorney Consultation

You can consult with an attorney who will guide your church through religious freedom legal issues when they arise.

Legal Representation

Your church can receive legal resources and representation if it becomes involved in litigation threatening your religious liberty.

Specialized Resources

You can access on-demand religious liberty legal resources for your church and its attendees.

Trending Legal Updates

You will receive trending legal updates on religious liberty issues that affect churches.

Benefits of Membership and Scope of Services

As an ADF Church Alliance member, you will receive:

• A religious liberty audit, including legal review of church bylaws and policies that relate to protecting the church’s religious liberty;
• Direct access to attorneys to answer your questions about protecting the church’s religious liberty;
• Consultation for legal issues involving the church’s religious liberty (prior to litigation);
• Legal representation in cases involving the church’s religious liberty (e.g., employment, land use, tax exemption, church member discipline/removal, requests to use church facilities, government mandates or unconstitutional regulation, volunteer requirements, equal access to government property or benefits, and clergy confidentiality)
• Specialized resources such as webinars and newsletters tailored to protecting the religious liberty of the Church.

The ADF Church Alliance is not an insurance program, and Alliance Defending Freedom is not an insurance company. ADF will typically represent ADF Church Alliance members in all litigation related to protecting the religious liberty of the church. However, ADF cannot guarantee legal representation in every situation and does not provide casualty payments for a lawsuit. Any legal representation undertaken by ADF is without cost to ADF Church Alliance members.

Some church legal matters involve administrative tribunals such as zoning boards and tax agencies. ADF normally does not appear as legal counsel before administrative agencies or administrative tribunals. ADF will assist in finding local counsel for administrative phases of legal matters that fall within the ADF Church Alliance scope of services, but cannot guarantee that local counsel representation will be free of charge.

ADF does not provide legal representation for the following:

• Intra-ministry, inter-ministry, or denominational disputes;
• Allegations of child abuse or criminal prosecutions unrelated to religious liberty;
• Tax advice, tax audits, or investigations that do not relate to religious liberty;
• Start-up and filing requirements (e.g., 501(c)(3) applications, sales tax exemption applications, corporate filings)
• Advice regarding corporate structure or general liability issues not related to religious liberty;
• General advice regarding government contracts or grant agreements;
• Drafting business contracts such as rental agreements or vendor contracts; or
• International legal matters or compliance with international law.

ADF has the sole authority to determine whether a request for advice or representation falls within the scope of services offered.