Freedom for your church is important

The Church Alliance exists to be your resource and advocate in matters of religious liberty for your church.

Church Alliance Members have access to our legal experience, so churches can flourish.

membership benefits


Religious Liberty Audit

Church Alliance attorneys review your church's governing documents, including your statement of faith, facility use policy, church membership policy, employment documents, and more.

Access to an Attorney

Prior to any litigation, your membership gives you access to an attorney who focuses on religious liberty and who can help you navigate issues that directly impact your church.

Attorney Consultation

As a member, you can consult with a lawyer who will guide your church through religious liberty issues in the complex and ever-changing legal system.

Legal Representation

If your church becomes involved in religious liberty litigation, the Church Alliance will support you and stand with you, providing legal resources and counsel, if necessary.

Specialized Resources

The Church Alliance provides members with on-demand legal resources on religious freedom issues related to churches.

Trending Legal Updates

As a Church Alliance member, you will receive trending legal updates on religious liberty issues that may affect your church.