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Join thousands of members from coast to coast who are preparing and protecting their churches

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Join thousands of members from coast to coast who are preparing and protecting their churches.

Is Your Church Prepared for Changing Laws?

Is Your Church Prepared for Changing Laws?

The culture is changing. The changes in culture are leading to changes in law.

The culture is changing. The changes in culture are leading to changes in law.

  • Are your church's bylaws, policies, and other documents written to provide legal protection for your church?
  • How would you respond to a legal challenge to your church?
  • Do you have a trusted legal partner to advise your church leadership?
  • Do you know the changing laws impacting your church?

ADF Church Alliance membership provides legal help to churches so they can be more effective in ministry.


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why church leaders join

“With the seemingly sudden and bold attack on religious liberty in recent years, our church has sought out a trusted partner to position and equip us legally for ministry in the coming years. We chose ADF and partnered with them through their Church Alliance program. I would strongly encourage other churches to partner with them as well.”

Pastor Nathan Lino
Northeast Houston Baptist Church

Legal issues involving churches are increasing

Legal Issues Involving Churches are Increasing.

We at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) are assisting nearly 50 churches at any given time with legal issues affecting their ability to freely live and preach the Gospel.

Since 2015, we have advocated before the Supreme Court of the United States twice to help secure freedom for your church through precedent-setting cases.

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  • The right of churches to post signs inviting people to church - by God's grace, we won this precedent in 2015
  • The right of churches to receive neutral public benefits (like state grants) - we helped secure this victory in 2017

We also help churches with legal issues that impact your religious freedom:

  • Church employment and operations issues
  • Free speech issues
  • Tax exempt status issues
  • Zoning issues
  • Land use issues
  • Government Regulations
  • And many more

ADF launched the ADF Church Alliance in 2017 to specifically address the growing legal needs of churches at the local level. As Christians, we are dedicated to seeing the Church flourish and to helping the Gospel go forward without laws getting in the way.

Join us to help secure your right to freely preach and operate your church consistent with biblical principles.

freedom for churches

Discover how Alliance Defending Freedom Church Alliance partners with churches to help preserve religious freedom across America.

adf church alliance benefits

adf church alliance benefits

We help churches with religious liberty and church autonomy legal issues.

We help you with your church documents – constitution, bylaws, policies, and more (even if they are incomplete).
Reach out to ADF attorneys whenever you have legal questions, so you aren’t left wondering.
Know the trending legal issues churches are facing across the country, so you are prepared.
If necessary, we can represent your church – free of additional charge – in a case involving your church’s religious freedom.
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benefits of membership

what members experience

what adf church alliance members experience

  • Church documents that can serve as positive evidence in the courtroom
  • Increased understanding of challenges the Church faces
  • Peace of mind when confronting legal issues or changes
  • A strong legal ally in their corner

your church's investment

What's My Church's Investment in Religious Freedom?

Today’s legal culture makes going to court costly. Advocating all the way to the Supreme Court – as Alliance Defending Freedom has done successfully nine times in the past seven years – can cost over $1 million per case.

Legal challenges can also have a cost that impacts future generations. If churches don’t protect and support religious freedom, who will?

Don’t wait for a lawsuit before you consider how to prepare and protect your church. Lead your church without carrying its legal burden – join today.

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