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Join thousands of members from coast to coast who are preparing and protecting their churches

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Join members coast to coast who are preparing and protecting their churches

Is Your Church Prepared for Changing Laws?

Is your church legally prepared and protected?

The culture is changing. Threats to religious freedom are significant and growing.

The culture is changing. The changes in culture are leading to changes in law.

  • Is your church equipped to handle legal challenges related to sexual orientation and gender identity?
  • Are your church bylaws, policies, and other governing documents providing adequate legal protection for your church's religious freedom? 
  • Is your church proactively reducing the risk of challenges to your religious freedom? 
  • Do you have like-minded Christian counsel helping you navigate changing religious freedom legal trends?

ADF Church Alliance is an affordable legal membership program for churches. We help protect your right to operate, teach, and minister according to biblical principles - without fear of unjust government intervention.


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why church leaders join

Legal issues involving churches are increasing

Your Church Can Help Protect Religious Freedom

Instead of the prominent role churches have enjoyed in the past, they are increasingly viewed with an eye of distrust.

As sexual orientation and gender identity advocates gain power, this distrust can shift to open hostility. Many in our society now pressure churches to adopt new beliefs about human sexuality that contradict biblical truth.

Those who oppose our Christian faith are increasingly using legal means to diminish or destroy the work of local churches. It's important for churches to be prepared and protected so that they may fully and freely exercise their religious freedom.

Right now, churches are facing unprecedented legal challenges in America.

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  • Cities could apply sexual orientation and gender identity laws to churches, and force them to allow biological men into women's restrooms.
  • The ministerial housing allowance, which treats a pastor's housing as tax-exempt, was recently challenged in federal court by the activist organization Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).
  • FFRF is also challenging the exemption that relieves churches from the burden of filing a Form 990 with the IRS. This challenge - if successful - would force churches to provide sensitive information to the government and to the public. It would also pave the way to impose new taxes on churches.
  • Legal challenges are being made against the right of churches to only employ workers who abide by faith-based codes of conduct and statements of faith. If churches can't make important employment decisions consistent with their faith, their integrity cannot be maintained.
  • Some states are requiring that churches cover elective abortion in their employee health insurance plans. These churches' ability to remain faithful is being challenged.
  • Local governments are denying churches the use of public facilities, even when they would pay the same rates as do similar nonreligious organizations. Imagine the implications for church plants and other small churches who cannot afford to build or rent larger private facilities.
  • Activist groups and even government officials often try to intimidate churches with letters and formal-sounding warnings about what pastors can say concerning elections. The intended effect is obvious: limiting church leaders' speech.

When your church is prepared for these legal challenges, you are in far better position to resist them. When you have access to regular legal advice, you avoid pitfalls in the law that could hinder your ministry. And if you have an advocate when you need representation, you can have peace of mind as you lead your church.

ADF Church Alliance is a membership initiative that provides extensive, solid religious freedom legal help to churches across America. We serve as an advisor and an advocate to churches on legal issues that impact your religious freedom.

We invite your church to become a member of ADF Church Alliance, which is wholly dedicated to seeing the Church flourish free of improper government interference. Members make a difference by stewarding religious freedom and helping local churches secure the right to freely operate, teach, and minister consistent with biblical principles.

Join today, and keep the doors open for the Gospel for this generation.

“With the seemingly sudden and bold attack on religious liberty in recent years, our church has sought out a trusted partner to position and equip us legally for ministry in the coming years. We chose ADF and partnered with them through their Church Alliance program. I would strongly encourage other churches to partner with them as well.”

Pastor Nathan Lino
Northeast Houston Baptist Church

“The team at Alliance Defending Freedom have consistently proven themselves to be the kind of convictional and talented advocates that Christians and churches are in need of today. I have no doubt that Church Alliance will benefit ministries across the country by establishing such a partnership between local churches and attorneys committed to safeguarding our most fundamental liberties.”

Russell Moore
President - Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention

“I would encourage every church become a member of Church Alliance and gain a friend in the legal arena.”

Pastor Mark Claudson
Le Grande First Baptist

“We are encouraged that our membership and partnership with ADF is making a difference.”

Pastor Danny de Armas
First Baptist Orlando

“Our investment with ADF Church Alliance brings security, peace of mind, and a pro-active preparedness for present and future battles with cultural and political overreach.”

Pastor Derald Skinner
Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor

“This relationship gives me great confidence - knowing that there is someone on our side and looking out for our best interest!”

Pastor J.C. Worley
GO Church

““This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.”

Dr. J. Robert White
Georgia Baptist Mission Board

“It’s going to help most pastors sleep well at night.”

Pastor Chris Lewis
Foothill Church

“Alliance Defending Freedom is the best legal friend a congregation can have.”

Pastor David Dykes
Green Acres Baptist Church

“What a comfort it is to know we have a partner like the ADF Church Alliance to stand beside us, offering sound legal counsel, helping us with our core documents and providing representation to defend our religious freedoms!”

Rev. Kirby Williams
New Hope Community Church

“We are thankful to partner with ADF to protect religious liberty here in America through the ADF Church Alliance.”

Kent Keller
Faith Bible Church

“I highly recommend using Church Alliance, as they focus on helping protect religious liberty across our nation and in churches, both large and small.”

Dale Whittle
Mountain View Christian Assembly

adf church alliance benefits

adf church alliance benefits

Through membership, we provide churches with religious liberty legal help that is tailored to your church and up to date with the latest challenges to your freedom.

  • We review your church documents – constitution, bylaws, policies, handbooks, and more – and recommend changes to increase your religious freedom protections.

  • We will serve you as advisors. Members can reach out to ADF attorneys whenever you have legal questions or issues involving religious freedom.

  • We keep you informed, so you know and are prepared for the trending legal issues churches are facing across the country.

  • We may represent your church – free of additional charge – in cases involving your church's religious freedom.

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benefits of membership

what members experience

what adf church alliance members experience

  • Confidence that their church documents are protecting their religious freedom
  • Increased understanding of challenges the Church faces
  • Peace of mind when confronting legal issues or changes affecting their religious freedom
  • Making a difference for the religious freedom of churches across America
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What's My Church's Investment in Religious Freedom?

Membership is affordable for all church sizes so that every church can protect religious freedom for this generation and generations to come.

Affordable pricing gives every church the ability to proactively prepare, so they are prepared well for the eventuality that a lawsuit may challenge their religious freedom. And if a church is called to stand for religious freedom, they should be able to do so.

Lead your church without carrying its legal burden alone. Membership fees are scaled to your church size to keep these protections affordable for congregations of all sizes. Join the membership today with a five-minute online application.

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