Why We Should Be Wary of a National Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Law

March 7, 2019

Recently, some groups—including some Christian groups—have been advocating a proposal, entitled “Fairness for All”, that would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as classifications in federal public accommodation, employment, and other laws.

But this proposal is anything but fair, and it poses a serious threat to religious freedom in this country – a threat that Alliance Defending Freedom has seen firsthand.

ADF Senior Counsel and Director of the Center for Christian Ministries Erik Stanley broke this down in a recent webinar.

Currently, 22 states have SOGI laws, and here at ADF, we’ve seen what a truly negative impact these laws can have. SOGI laws have been used to target many of our clients, including:

Fairness for All does offer some exemptions, including exemptions for churches and religious schools. But it does not provide exemptions for many of our clients – those who sit in the church pews and seek to live and work consistently with their faith.

These exemptions are not only problematic because they don’t help a majority of our clients, but also because they would create an even further divided America where some people are much freer than others.

If Fairness for All were to pass, it would expand religious freedom threats across the country. With Fairness for All, SOGI laws would apply to every state. We would end up with more cases like the ones listed above, as well as more cases involving:

Makinzie Loeffler
Communications Specialist
Makinzie joined Alliance Defending Freedom in 2018 and serves as a Communications Specialist for ADF Church Alliance and ADF Ministry Alliance.