Avoid the Legal Pitfalls of Election Season with a FREE Legal Guide

Politics, elections, the issues of the day… what can churches and pastors do and say about them?

Some laws limit what churches and pastors can and cannot do when it comes to politics and elections. Distinctions and nuances matter. That’s why we’ve created this easy guide, as a starting point, for church leaders.

Do You Know Your Rights?

In this legal guide, you’ll find an overview of what can and cannot be done by a church and its pastors when it comes to current issues, legislation, campaigns, and elections.

Here’s how this guide can help:

Checklist: an example-based overview of the ways pastors and churches may and may not engage in the political process.

Legal guidelines: simple, clear explanations that all churches and pastors should know before speaking about political issues, lobbying, educating voters, using church facilities, or giving money to political causes.

Encouragement: a discussion of the freedoms churches and pastors have to participate in the political process.

2020 Election Church Legal Guide

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About the Guide

This guide is a product of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the largest religious freedom legal organization in the world. ADF has been keeping the doors open for the Gospel and defending your religious freedom since 1994.

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