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What is ADF Church Alliance?

The ADF Church Alliance provides affordable legal assistance to churches of all sizes and denominations so they can freely live and preach the Gospel in their communities.

Through this membership program, we advocate for religious liberty, provide legal advice, offer valuable resources to churches to ensure proper religious liberty protections are in place, and when appropriate, litigate on behalf of churches to preserve and defend religious liberty.

How do I join ADF Church Alliance?

Apply online by following this link. Or, download and print an application here for mailing. You can also request an application by calling 1-833-233-2559.

What Legal Services does ADF Church Alliance provide to members?

The legal help that Alliance Defending Freedom provides to ADF Church Alliance members ranges from legal advice to full representation in court. ADF will typically represent ADF Church Alliance members in all litigation related to protecting the religious liberty of the church. However, ADF cannot guarantee legal representation in every situation and retains the sole discretion over when it will provide litigation representation.  ADF does not provide casualty payments for a lawsuit.

• Alliance Defending Freedom will perform a religious liberty audit, upon request, for all member churches. This audit includes a legal review of church bylaws and policies that relate to protecting the church’s religious liberty.
• We answer and advise ADF Church Alliance members regarding legal questions related to religious liberty. Whether your church needs help navigating laws relating to employment, land use, tax exemption, church member discipline/removal, requests to use church facilities, and more, we are here to help.
• We correspond on your behalf with government officials - or others who are challenging your constitutional rights - on matters relating to your religious liberty.
• We offer direct access to attorneys to answer your questions about protecting the church’s religious liberty.
• Alliance Defending Freedom responds with advice and correspondence that prevents many situations from becoming cases that end up in court. Churches may consider it unlikely that they will end up in court, but recent cultural developments have displayed a need for increased vigilance related to religious liberty legal matters. When a church goes to court for a religious liberty issue, what happens to that church affects all churches.

Are all religious liberty costs covered?

Any legal representation undertaken by ADF is without cost to ADF Church Alliance members.

Some church legal matters involve administrative tribunals such as zoning boards and tax agencies. ADF normally does not appear as legal counsel before administrative agencies or administrative tribunals. ADF will assist in finding local counsel for administrative phases of legal matters that fall within the ADF Church Alliance scope of services, but cannot guarantee that local counsel representation will be free of charge.

What other services does ADF Church Alliance provide to members?

• Access to the members-only website with the most up-to-date sample church governing documents, bylaws, and policies that have an impact on your church’s religious liberty. You can customize the sample documents to meet the needs of your church.
• The members-only website also includes legal guides, podcasts, articles, and videos related to religious liberty. These resources are designed to keep churches informed and prepared for legal issues.
• Newsletters tailored to protecting the religious liberty of the Church.
• Subscription to Faith & Justice, the Alliance Defending Freedom magazine featuring religious freedom news and encouragement.

What services does ADF Church Alliance provide to nonmembers?

Alliance Defending Freedom is supported by the generous gifts of ministry friends and ministry partners as well as ADF Church Alliance members. Without these contributions, we would be unable to carry out our mission of keeping the doors open for the Gospel by advocating for religious liberty, the sanctity of life,and marriage and the family.

While we offer much of our resources and advice to our members, we also consider it a privilege to represent many non-members. We hold to the fact that when one member of the Body of Christ suffers, all members suffer. We thus offer many benefits to non-ADF Church Alliance members as well, including legal representation when appropriate.

• Freedom Matters podcast
• Through our grant program, $47+ million grants have been awarded to allies to engage on various legal matters.
• The general public and the entire Church benefits from individual churches being engaged, empowered, and protected.
• is a wealth of information on religious freedom available to the general public.

How much does it cost to join?

Membership to the ADF Church Alliance is an annual commitment. We offer pricing that is affordable and allows your church – no matter its size – to become a member. Pricing is based on average attendance and whether payment is made monthly or up front at a discounted rate. The cost for each church is as follows:

Why do I have to fill out a membership application to join?

The membership application gathers a small amount of information about you and your church that ensures you receive the benefits of membership. The member agreement also helps us verify that your church subscribes to the ADF statement of faith and is the first step toward obtaining access to the ADF Church Alliance members-only website containing the most up-to-date expert religious liberty resources.

What happens after I submit my application?

ADF Church Alliance staff review each membership application. Your application is either accepted or referred to the legal department for a more thorough review. We may request additional information from you and your church as a result of this process.

If, after careful review, the ADF Church Alliance is not able to accept your application, we will promptly notify you with an email of explanation. We will also refund any paid membership dues.

Rejection of membership does not prevent you from reapplying in the future.

I am an ADF Church Alliance member. How do I contact Alliance Defending Freedom in a
legal emergency?

Call 1-833-ADF-ALLY (1-833-233-2559). If you are calling after hours, follow the emergency instructions given in the voice mail greeting.

How do I contact ADF Church Alliance with a non-emergency issue?

Please call us at 1-800-835-5233 during business hours (7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. MST). We will be happy to direct your call to the appropriate team. You may also contact the ADF Church Alliance Team by email at [email protected].

What if my church cannot afford a membership?

ADF Church Alliance membership is important to us. If cost makes membership impossible for your church, please contact us. We will review your request and may be able to connect you to a sponsorship though above and beyond contributions from generous member churches.

Are there any areas within its scope of services that ADF does not provide legal representation?

ADF does not provide legal representation for the following:

• Intra-ministry, inter-ministry, or denominational disputes;
• Allegations of child abuse or criminal prosecutions unrelated to religious liberty;
• Tax advice, tax audits, or investigations that do not relate to religious liberty;
• Start-up and filing requirements (e.g., 501(c)(3) applications, sales tax exemption applications, corporate filings);
• Advice regarding corporate structure or general liability issues not related to religious liberty;
• General advice regarding government contracts or grant agreements;
• Drafting business contracts such as rental agreements or vendor contracts; or
• International legal matters or compliance with international law.

ADF has the sole authority to determine whether a request for advice or representation falls within the scope of
services offered.

Are membership fees refundable?

Unless your membership fees are refunded as a result of a denied application, membership fees will not be refunded.

Is this an insurance program for churches?

No. The ADF Church Alliance is not an insurance program and Alliance Defending Freedom is not an insurance company. ADF will typically represent ADF Church Alliance members in all litigation related to protecting the religious liberty of the church. However, ADF cannot guarantee legal representation in every situation and does not provide casualty payments for a lawsuit. Any legal representation undertaken by ADF is without cost to ADF Church Alliance members.

Do you have a downloaded version of your W-9 for our church's records?

Please click here for the Alliance Defending Freedom W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.

I would like to sponsor my church's membership. Is my gift tax-deductible?

Gifts given to Alliance Defending Freedom to pay for a specific church’s membership are not tax-deductible. However, gifts given to a church may be tax-deductible. The church may, in turn, use these gifts for ADF Church Alliance membership. Gifts given to Alliance Defending Freedom to generally support the ADF Church Alliance mission are tax-deductible.

This statement is general in nature and does not constitute tax advice. You should consult a tax professional regarding the deductibility of any contributions.

If you would like to support the Church Alliance through an online contribution, please click here. Thank you for your generosity.

My church has not encountered any religious liberty issues. Why should we join the ADF
Church Alliance?

We recommend all churches have their governing documents, policies, and bylaws audited by an attorney who can help navigate religious liberty issues. Through this audit, an attorney may recommend changes to help safeguard your church from future legal issues.

Direct access to our attorneys is included in your church’s membership. You can have peace of mind knowing you can consult our team anytime a question or need arises. Additionally, as laws change, we are here to provide guidance.

Most importantly, joining together in an Alliance means that no church is left without help. Your participation in the ADF Church Alliance allows ADF to defend the religious liberty of all churches.

Is my membership made public?

Any detail of that relationship would only ever be publicized when a member gives ADF express permission to use their name and/or endorsement of the program in our media/marketing materials. But that is only done with full knowledge and consent of the member.

How does my church renew membership?

Membership in ADF Church Alliance is automatically renewed each year. If your church pays manually (via check or one-time payments) or would like to request removal from automatic payments, please contact our team at: 1-833-233-2559. We can help resolve any billing issues you may encounter.

For check renewals, please remit payment to:

Attn: ADF Church Alliance Membership
Alliance Defending Freedom
15100 N. 90th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85260


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