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Religious Freedom at Risk

Laws are changing, new issues are arising, and churches across the country are facing threats to their religious freedom.

Religious freedom issues didn’t begin with COVID-19. Churches have experienced threats to their religious freedom for many years.

  • Churches are being threatened by sexual orientation and gender identity laws. Some local governments have even attempted to force churches to open sex-specific privacy areas—such as showers, locker rooms, and restrooms—to those who identify as the opposite sex.
  • Special interest groups are challenging churches’ tax-exempt status.
  • Federal proposals like the deceptively titled “Equality Act” threaten churches’ ability to only hire employees who live out the Gospel.
  • Some states are mandating that churches cover abortion in their employee healthcare plans.
  • Churches have been denied access to public spaces for worship services, simply because they are religious.

As governments diminish or even disregard the importance of religious freedom, we see government officials seizing opportunities to discriminate against churches, such as during COVID-19.

  • City officials in Greenville, Mississippi, banned drive-in church services but allowed drive-in restaurants to remain open.
  • In Nevada, casinos, restaurants, bars, theme parks, and gyms are open and allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity. Thousands gather at those establishments, but only 50 people are allowed to gather at a church.
  • Churches in California, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington have also been treated unfairly during the COVID-19 crisis.

Your association – and the churches within the association – can be prepared for these increasing threats to religious freedom.

Affordable Legal Help

ADF Church Alliance is a membership program that provides practical religious liberty legal help. Through this program, churches and associations can be better prepared and protected when they encounter religious freedom threats.

As an associational leader, you provide resources and support in so many ways. Our desire is to come alongside you as you serve. To get access to religious liberty legal guides, consultations with religious liberty attorneys, and more, your churches and your association are invited to join ADF Church Alliance.

This affordable membership program provides virtually all-inclusive legal help for religious freedom issues.  As a member, your association can get the help you need, when you need it. And we’d like to partner with you to share this resource to association members.

Your member benefits:

We review your association’s documents, such as your constitution, bylaws, policies, and more (even if they are incomplete), and help you make changes to increase your religious freedom protections.
We are available to you as advisors, so you can reach out to us when you have religious liberty related legal questions.
We keep you informed on trending religious liberty related legal issues churches are facing across the country to help you be better prepared.
If necessary and appropriate, we can even represent your association in court – free of additional charge – in a religious freedom case.

When churches in your association join ADF Church Alliance, they enter a nationwide network of like-minded churches that are committed to defending biblical principles on life, marriage, and religious freedom.

Churches in your association who join will also receive similar member benefits. We’ve heard many times that membership has brought Christian leaders peace of mind knowing they have a resource to turn to and an advocate standing by.

Contact us, and one of our team members will reach out to schedule a time to discuss membership with you. We’ll also provide you with two free resources for your church.  

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What Southern Baptist Leaders Say

"Alliance Defending Freedom is the simplest, most practical and affordable way I know to help our associations and churches protect their religious freedoms. With all of the cultural and even legislative challenges to traditional Christian faith and values today, I would urge every association and every church to invest in this partnership, and to welcome the assistance of these devoted Christian attorneys. ADF can help give us the peace of mind that comes from knowing our documents and practices are both up to date and in a position to safeguard our biblical convictions."
Ray Gentry
President & Chief Executive Officer, Southern Baptist Conference of Associational Leaders

“Religious liberties have never been under fire in American History as intensely as they are in contemporary culture. At greatest risk for attack are local churches, especially smaller churches, that have limited resources. We chose ADF as an affordable and reliable legal advocate to support Tennessee Baptist churches in their defense of the faith. We needed a partner who shares our values and ADF is that partner.”

Dr. Randy C. Davis
President/Executive Director, Tennessee Baptist Mission Board

“Church Alliance was created to specifically assist churches with a wide range of concerns such as governing documents, policies, bylaws and matters relating to religious liberty. ADF provides legal representation in cases involving religious liberty for their members. I hope every Georgia Baptist church will join Church Alliance to take advantage of this wonderful service.”

Thomas Hammond
Executive Director, Georgia Baptist Mission Board

“Bible believing, preaching, and practicing churches today face the possibility of legal attacks from groups promoting an agenda that is antithetical to Biblical principles. To assist affiliated churches and associations in this area, the SCBO has entered into an agreement with ADF. I strongly encourage SCBO churches and associations to consider joining the ADF Church Alliance.”

Jack Kwok, Ph.D.
Executive Director, The State Convention of Baptists in Ohio

"ADF Church Alliance is the simplest, most practical and affordable way I know to help a church protect its religious freedoms. With all of the cultural and even legislative challenges to traditional Christian faith and values today, I would urge every IBSA church to invest in this partnership, and to welcome the assistance of these devoted Christian attorneys. ADF Church Alliance can help give churches the peace of mind that comes from knowing its documents and practices are both up to date and in a position to safeguard the church’s biblical convictions."
Nate Adams
Executive Director, Illinois Baptist State Association

"The team at Alliance Defending Freedom have consistently proven themselves to be the kind of convictional and talented advocates that Christians and churches are in need of today. I have no doubt that Church Alliance will benefit ministries across the country by establishing such a partnership between local churches and attorneys committed to safeguarding our most fundamental liberties."
Russell Moore
President, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention

“We are grateful to have a resource such as Alliance Defending Freedom and their team of advocates. I encourage the churches of the Baptist Convention of New York to join in membership with ADF. To know that this organization has resources and attorneys who can come alongside and help the local church in these tumultuous days of ever changing culture is both comforting and encouraging.”

Terry M. Robertson
Executive Director, Baptist State Convention New York

“I am so thankful for the enlightenment, education and encouragement that the wonderful people of ADF provide for the pastors and leaders here at the Baptist State Convention of Michigan. We are better informed and prepared to face the ever increasing challenges of doing ministry in a post Christian nation because of the help they provide. Thank you ADF. We so appreciate you.”

Tim Patterson
Executive Director/Treasurer, Baptist State Convention of Michigan

“At this point in the history of our country, it seems that challenges to religious liberties will continue to increase for churches. As church leaders lead believers to fulfill The Great Commission in the public arena, they will need an affordable and reliable legal advocate who shares their values. This is why BACE is excited to provide our members with access to ADF as a partner.”

John McClendon
Executive Director, Baptist Association of Christian Educators

“The South Carolina Baptist Convention exists to help churches fulfill the Great Commission. Alliance Defending Freedom is a valuable resource, standing with the Convention in protecting the religious liberties of South Carolina Baptist Churches.  We encourage all of our churches to join ADF Church Alliance and take advantage of the many resources the ADF offers.”

Dr. Gary Hollingsworth
Executive Director/Treasurer, South Carolina Southern Baptist Convention

“We strongly encourage you to be proactive and take advantage of this partnership by becoming a member today.”

Barry Whitworth
Executive Director/Treasurer, Baptist Resource Network Pennsylvania/South Jersey

“ADF was a tremendous help and asset to the church I pastored. They offered important updates to our church’s bylaws and personnel manual to protect our religious freedoms and safeguard from us from legal challenges. ADF is an amazing resource for churches at an incredible value. ADF will help protect your church’s right to operate, teach, and minister according to the biblical principles you value and hold so dearly.”

Dr. Jonathan W. Jarboe
President & Chief Executive Officer, The Baptist Foundation of California

“Churches today face many challenges from a variety of sources. The State Convention of Baptists in Indiana (SCBI) wants to help you navigate these challenges. One new resource we have connected with is Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). This Christian legal group is available to you for advice and consultation. Because the SCBI is a member, you have the opportunity as a church to join ADF and get a 20% discount on legal help as well as help on some basic needs like having their attorneys look over your legal documents. If you have questions you can contact your SCBI staff and we will be glad to talk with you about this opportunity.”

Dr. Steve McNeil
Executive Director, State Convention of Baptists in Indiana

Alliance Defending Freedom

The largest religious liberty legal organization in the world, Alliance Defending Freedom, has been advocating for religious freedom, sanctity of life, and marriage and family since 1994. Alliance Defending Freedom recognized the increasing legal issues facing churches, and launched ADF Church Alliance to serve the Church and keep the legal doors open for the spread of the Gospel.

ADF works with more than 3,400 Allied Attorneys
ADF has won nearly 80% of all cases
ADF has played a role in 64 U.S. Supreme Court Victories

Contact us, and one of our team members will reach out to schedule a time to discuss membership with you. We’ll also provide you with two free resources for your church.  

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