Better Prepare Your School for Religious Freedom Legal Challenges

Learn about religious freedom legal challenges facing Christian schools and how to better prepare your school for these challenges in the key areas of admissions, employment, health insurance, and athletics.

What Our Members Are Saying

"ADF leads the way, challenge after legal challenge, uniting our organization with other ministries from across the country to help strengthen religious freedom. We have no other partner so vital to the work we do. We are grateful for them, and encourage every Christian ministry that holds to biblical standards to join with ADF and help support them financially. When there’s a need — and there are plenty — they stand in the gap and support our Christian communities."

David Goodwin

President of the Association of Classical Christian Schools

“We call those who defend us ‘advocates' - a word with deep meaning describing someone with the skill, experience, and the will necessary to fight and win. ADF and their highly qualified attorneys embody everything it means to be a true advocate. We encourage all AACS member schools to join ADF’s affiliate program. Their work for religious liberty, their will to win, and their track record of victories make partnership with them one of the best investments a ministry can make.”

Jamison Coppola

Government Relations Director for the American Association of Christian Schools

“Without the work of ADF, our schools would be at a greater risk of not being able to exercise our missions. We encourage all CESA schools to join ADF Ministry Alliance and take advantage of the benefits provided through this excellent and timely program.”

Dr. Katie Wiens

Executive Director of the Council on Educational Standards and Accountability

"The world is changing. Protecting and managing the ministry and resources God entrusted to you is getting more complicated. The first step any Christian school or church ministry should take is to join the Alliance Defending Freedom Ministry Alliance."

Michael A. Burroughs

Executive Director of the International League of Christian Schools

“ADF is a friend to our association and its member schools, partnering with us and other ministries throughout the country to preserve our religious freedom. I encourage every Christian ministry to join with ADF and help support them in their essential work – protecting religious liberty to allow us to do what God has called us to do. Challenges will inevitably arise; I am thankful that ADF will stand in the gap and support our ministries.”

Edward Earwood

Executive Director of the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools

“We are grateful for TACS’ partnership with Alliance Defending Freedom. Today, more than ever, our Christian schools need resources to protect religious liberty and education freedom. The ADF Ministry Alliance provides TACS schools with access to attorneys and legal resources as well as proactive measures like document review. ADF’s personal touch and quick responses have been second to none.”

Randy Scallions

Executive Director of the Tennessee Association of Christian Schools