Changing Culture = Church and Ministry Challenges

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Hi, I'm Harrison Smith!

As a Regional Alliance Director at ADF, I have the unique opportunity to serve churches and ministries. This position allows me to witness firsthand the cultural changes that are significantly influencing churches and ministries.

For example, I saw when... 

  • Countless churches across the nation were forced by the government to shut their doors during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Or when a Gospel rescue mission was sued for declining to hire someone who disagreed with the mission’s beliefs.
  • Or even when a Christian school was cut off from a scholarship program for low-income families and asked to pay back more than $100,000 because the school’s student handbook stated its belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.

These are real examples. And I wish I could tell you these are the exceptions, but unfortunately there are many other examples I could give you.

Church and ministry leaders are the tip of the spear when it comes to engaging with today’s cultural challenges. You’ve answered the call to enter the darkness to bring the light of Christ and His love and truth to our culture.

But sometimes these situations can expose your church or ministry to legal risk.

That’s where Alliance Defending Freedom can help.

As a member of the ADF Church & Ministry Alliance, you can learn from experienced religious liberty attorneys eager to help you navigate the rapidly changing cultural and legal landscape, so you can get back to focusing on what matters most: serving people and sharing the Gospel.

I would be honored to meet with you to learn more about what God is calling you and your ministry to and discuss how we can partner to better protect your church or ministry’s ability to freely serve others and advance the Gospel.

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What to expect on the discovery call:

  • We’ll discuss your church or ministry and its unique context to see how we can best serve you
  • We’ll walk through the benefits of becoming a member of the ADF Church & Ministry Alliance
  • We’ll create a plan to start proactively preparing your ministry for religious freedom threats
  • I’ll answer any questions you may have
  • Finally, we’ll discuss any associational or denominational discounts that may be available from our existing partnerships

Use the calendar to schedule a free discovery call! I look forward to connecting with you.

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Here’s what our clients have to say about working with the Church & Ministry Alliance…

ADF has been a valuable resource to Holland Rescue Mission for many years now. We want to operate with fidelity to the instructions of God’s word. ADF helps us accomplish that task and they work to ensure our freedom to operate according to our faith convictions. My hat’s off to ADF for their partnership in preserving the character of ministries like ours all across America."

Jay Riemersma

Executive Director, Holland Rescue Mission

Religious liberties have never been under fire in American History as intensely as they are in contemporary culture. At greatest risk for attack are local churches, especially smaller churches, that have limited resources. We chose ADF as an affordable and reliable legal advocate to support Tennessee Baptist churches in their defense of the faith. We needed a partner who shares our values and ADF is that partner."

Dr. Randy C. Davis

President/Executive Director, Tennessee Baptist Mission Board 

Over the past several months we have been working with ADF Ministry Alliance, in auditing and discussing our church governing documents. The process has been encouraging and thorough and the recommendations have been very helpful in providing practical, Christ Centered legal advice. I highly recommend using Ministry Alliance, as they focus on helping protect religious liberty across our Nation and in churches, both large and small.”

Dave Key

Camp Merriwood

Protecting Your Ministry: 10 Best Practices to Prepare Your Ministry for Religious Freedom Legal Challenges

Threats to your ministry’s ability to carry out its religious mission are on the rise. This easy-to-understand legal guide describes practical steps you can take today to prepare your ministry so that you can approach religious freedom legal issues with confidence.

Download the legal guide now – peace of mind is just a click away!