Practical religious liberty help for churches so you can freely preach the Gospel.

NACLC members can access religious freedom legal help for no additional charge.

NACLC and ADF are providing a much needed voice in the political and public sphere advancing the American principle of freedom of speech and the Christian principle of speaking wisdom to the world through biblical and spiritual truths that benefit all humans. 

Mark A. Johnson
Secretary, Indiana District UPCI

Is your church legally prepared?

In today’s culture, it is not a question of if churches will be threatened or sued for standing true to God’s Word – the question is when and where such cases will arise. The law is changing, and churches across the country are facing threats to their religious freedom. But most churches do not have access to attorneys who can advise them about their First Amendment rights.

Is your church concerned about the legal effects of letting outside groups use its facilities?

The rights of churches to operate in accordance with their faith, including the use of church facilities, has been challenged at the local and national level. As a result, some churches have closed their doors to community groups.

ADF Church Alliance attorneys can help you navigate the law so your church leadership can decide the best path forward, knowing your religious liberty rights. 

How is your church preparing to handle sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) issues?

SOGI issues can arise from employees, volunteers, youth groups, use of your facilities, and more. Your church needs to be equipped to handle potential religious liberty issues and be aware of changing laws, so you know how to respond.

ADF Church Alliance attorneys are here to help you consider both the legal and ministry implications of SOGI issues. We can also help guide you in creating policies that clarify your biblical position and approach to these issues.  

Are your church’s governing documents written in a way that avails your church of the greatest religious liberty protections possible?

Your bylaws, policies, and other governing documents can help protect the religious freedom of your church. But some churches have documents that lack clarity and protective language. These documents can serve as evidence of your church’s beliefs, so they should clearly communicate what your church believes to your congregation, community, and, if necessary, the courts.

ADF Church Alliance attorneys will review your documents to help ensure they better protect your religious freedom.

How would your church address religious freedom legal challenges?

Opponents have treated churches unfairly by denying churches equal access to government grants or property, manipulating zoning codes to prevent churches from using their own buildings, forcing churches to comply with unconstitutional regulations that violate their beliefs, and more. Churches should have access to Christian attorneys to offer advice and counsel when situations like these arise.

Indiana District and NACLC have partnered with ADF Church Alliance to better prepare and protect your church – for these issues and other religious liberty challenges.

ADF Church Alliance is a membership program that provides legal help so you don’t have to navigate religious freedom issues alone. The program acts as a hub for churches to gain access to experienced First Amendment lawyers who are available to answer religious liberty questions, conduct document reviews and provide advice, and even represent your church in court if necessary and appropriate – it’s virtually all-inclusive for religious freedom issues.  

Indiana District churches that are members of NACLC can access this legal membership at no additional cost.

Alliance Defending Freedom

The largest religious liberty legal organization in the world, Alliance Defending Freedom, has been advocating for religious freedom, sanctity of life, and marriage and family since 1994. Alliance Defending Freedom recognized the increasing legal issues facing churches, and launched ADF Church Alliance to serve the Church and keep the legal doors open for the spread of the Gospel.

A part of the ADF Ministry Alliance
ADF has won nearly 80% of our cases
At the US Supreme Court since 2011

Member Benefits

All-inclusive religious freedom help for churches – whenever they need it – at no cost to NACLC members.

We review your church's documents – constitution, bylaws, policies, and more (even if they are incomplete) – and help you make changes to increase your religious freedom protections.

We are available to you as advisors, so you can reach out to ADF attorneys whenever you have religious liberty legal questions.

We keep you informed, so you know the trending religious liberty issues churches are facing across the country and so you are prepared.

If necessary and appropriate, we can represent your church – free of additional charge – in a case involving your church’s religious freedom.

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