Protect the Church and Your Freedom


Help Defend the Religious Freedom of Churches.

American culture can sometimes seem hostile to Christianity. Churches are facing the brunt of a cultural shift that does not view churches as vital members of society.

Laws are being used to challenge churches, and ultimately, the Gospel. At Alliance Defending Freedom, we have seen these challenges firsthand. That is why we launched ADF Church Alliance.

Watch the video below where six pastors share their personal stories of religious freedom challenges.


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Can you imagine if your pastor was one of the pastors sharing in the above video?

What if, on top of preaching last weekend, he had a subpoena from the mayor arrive in his mailbox?

What if, after performing a funeral last Friday and a marriage ceremony on Saturday, he had a city official threatening him with a fine for worshiping in the church’s own building?

The burden of leading a church is already difficult; pastors shouldn’t have to bear the legal burdens of a changing culture on top of it - especially when some of these religious freedom cases can cost over $1 million to litigate.

If you agree that church leaders shouldn’t have to bear that costly legal burden, we are on the same page. That’s why we created a membership initiative just for churches: ADF Church Alliance.

Will you invest in this proactive, practical legal help to churches?

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This Membership Initiative Provides Churches with the Legal Resources They Need.

  • Governing document review – including bylaws, policies, constitution, and everything else affecting a church’s religious freedom.
  • Resources – including legal guides for the church and members of the congregation as well as sample documents for easy use.
  • Access to attorneys – meaning churches can ask questions and receive legal advice on anything from tax exemption issues to zoning code inquiries, church building uses to employment requirements, and anything in between that relates to religious freedom.
  • Legal representation – we want every church’s religious freedom to be protected, and that’s why we have about 50 open legal matters for churches at any given time.

Every church should have the legal help that it needs. Investing helps secure religious freedom for this generation and the next.

Will you Help us Provide Legal Help to Churches?

Invest in Freedom

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You Invest in ADF Church Alliance

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Churches Receive Proactive Legal Help

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The Gospel is Freely Preached across America

When it Comes to the Rights of Churches, What Happens to one Church Affects all Churches.

A blow to religious freedom of the church is a blow to us all.

That’s why we need your help to prepare and protect the American Church. We are asking for your investment for the good of the Church and the spread of the Gospel.

Your investment – of any amount – is combined with the investments of others, multiplying your impact to help bear the burdens of pastors and church leaders like yours.

If we don’t stand for the freedom of Churches to preach and live the Gospel, who will?

Give today and join thousands of difference-making believers sending the message to churches across the nation: Boldly proclaim the full counsel of God’s Word – we’ll help carry your legal burden.

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