Document Review

Most Churches Need a Legal Review of Bylaws and Other Governing Documents

Without properly prepared church documents in place, and a team that lives out what those governing documents say, your church is more exposed to legal risk.

These documents are important. Not only do they help guide your ministry, but they can also be used as evidence in the courtroom.

Why Should You Have ADF Church Alliance Attorneys Review Your Church Documents?

ADF Church Alliance attorneys have helped hundreds of churches – and their leadership teams – understand what is missing in their governing documents. Our attorneys review your church documents with religious freedom and Gospel impact in mind, so your church can be better prepared and protected. We come alongside your church to help maintain its integrity and witness to the culture, to the congregation, and to the courts.

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How Can Governing Documents Help Protect My Church?

As the culture shifts, the Church faces increased threats. It is important to take action to ensure that your religious freedom is upheld.

Well-written governing documents will help provide legal protection by clarifying your church’s sincerely held beliefs on important matters.

When your church puts these beliefs in writing, and consistently abides by these beliefs, you often have a more easily defensible position in court.

How Does the Review Process Work?

ADF Church Alliance members send documents and policies to our team

ADF attorneys review your documents and provide feedback

Your church implements revised policies and documents to help protect itself

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What Documents are Reviewed?

We review documents that may have an impact on your church’s religious freedom.

Generally, these documents include your church constitution, bylaws, employment documents, facility use policy, among others.

Documents Outdated or Incomplete?

We help your church regardless of the current state of its documents.

ADF Church Alliance members have access to various sample documents to help your church if its current documents are incomplete.

What ADF Church Alliance Members Say

“I am grateful for ADF Church Alliance. They have been working alongside us to protect our church and its ministries by updating our church documents. They have been quick to respond and easy to work with. ADF Church Alliance respectfully caught our vision and made suggestions that accentuated and protected our core values.”

Derald Skinner
Pastor, Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor

“The process has been encouraging and thorough and the recommendations have been very helpful in providing practical, Christ-centered legal advice.”

Dale Whittle
Deacon, Mountain View Christian Assembly  

“With the seemingly sudden and bold attack on religious liberty in recent years, our church has sought out a trusted partner to position and equip us legally for ministry in the coming years. We chose ADF and partnered with them through their Church Alliance program. I would strongly encourage other churches to partner with them as well.”

Nathan Lino
Pastor, Northeast Houston Baptist Church

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