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Most Churches Don't Know Their Rights or the Implications of Changes in the Law

When churches don’t know their rights, they can be tempted to forfeit aspects of their ministries. Sometimes, churches run into legal pitfalls that threaten their ministry.

And unfortunately, when churches get legal advice, that advice doesn’t always take important factors like Gospel impact and religious freedom into account.

Get Access to Attorneys Committed to Seeing Your Gospel Impact Grow

Our attorneys are invested in local churches, and we want to see the Church flourish. When your church is looking to start a new ministry, expand outreach programs, plant a church, announce new policies, and more, you can come to our attorneys for religious freedom legal advice.

We help you consider the legal and ministry implications of your work, and help your church avoid unnecessary legal risk.

How Members Access ADF Church Alliance Attorneys

When you have an issue or need religious freedom legal advice, you can call or email us

ADF Church Alliance attorneys consult with you and your leadership team

You lead your church, knowing your legal options

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What Types of Issues Does ADF Help With?

• Church Facility Use
• Government Mandates
• Unconstitutional Regulation
• Equal Access to Government Property or Benefits
• Volunteer Requirements
• Employment
• Land Use
• Tax Exemption

If we can’t help your church directly, we can often point you in the right direction for someone who can help.

What ADF Church Alliance Members Say

“What a comfort it is to know we have a partner like the ADF Church Alliance to stand beside us, offering sound legal counsel, helping us with our core documents and providing representation to defend our religious freedoms!  Thank you for your dedication to this timely and much needed ministry.”

Rev. Kirby Williams
New Hope Community Church

“ADF has resources and relationships that minister to the protection of religious liberty, and point you in the right direction in many other arenas to ensure the bride of Christ is secure in its working legal structure."

Bethel Christian Center

“The guidance we received was extremely valuable to us. I would highly recommend ADF Church Alliance and we are very pleased to be ADF Church Alliance members.”

Craig Poppitz
Elder Chairman, Pomona Christian Church

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